Breaking the Back of Summer

I’m back from vacation and ready to start working the trail. The summer was intolerable. Rain every day and high heat and humidity. Brutal. The temps area little cooler now and the afternoon storms are a little less intense. I started mowing last weekend and I continued this weekend. I believe I can get it all mowed next weekend. Yesterday the mower quit on me so I came back today to try to get some more done. I was well on my way when it started thundering pretty loudly. I stashed the mower in the woods and headed for the car. The Trail Trimming Tritts helped out yesterday be cutting back brush. 5 hours last weekend, 4 hours for me yesterday and i think 5 hours apiece for Jason and Candice, and 5.5 hours for me today. There’s a Wounded Warrior hunt scheduled for January on the Juniper Creek Primitive Area. They cleared a chunk of land near Junebug but the thankfully avoided the trail. I guess they are planting a feed crop? Anyway the trail will be closed for one weekend in January for the hunt.

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