Back At It

September finally arrived and it brought some slightly cooler weather and traditionally I’ve started doing trail work the first weekend in September. I gave up back in June because we weren’t making any progress against the machines and it was incredibly hot with the reduced shade. I didn’t ride the trail all summer and I don’t think anyone else did either. I rode by the trail head several times and it didn’t look used at all. So last Saturday David, Greg and I hit the trail to get an idea of what needs to be done. Greg and I did a rough cleaning of the Red Rock Trail before hooking up with David on Serpentinas. We got that portion rideable but where we stopped the trail was still rough. Friday I went back out and started back at the other end of Serpentinas. I pin flagged a long way and removed a lot of deadfall so I think it’s rideable all the way through. It still needs a lot of grooming because where the ground was torn up the vegetation has taken over. A mower and/or a weedeater will be the next course of action.

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