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So yes I think they are done logging. Last weekend it looked like all the trucks and tractors were gone. Today I still didn’t find them so I pressed ahead with some trail reclamation. It was hot and I was tired and hung over so I only managed 3 hours of work but I got the trail open from the trail head all the way to the dirt road. I pin flagged some sections that were hard to follow. I didn’t spend any time doing trimming, just clearing the path of the brush that got knocked over on the trail. Next weekend I plan on working Serpentinas.

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No, they aren’t done cuttin’ wood yet.

Barbara’s friend Sally from Athens, GA is in town for a few weeks and today they headed to Gainesville to see some friends for a couple of days. Barbara had a horrible week with her laptop crashing with a bunch of stuff she hadn’t backed up, twisting her ankle, trying to get health insurance at the last squeaking minute and attending a meeting at the beach. Barbara and Sally are both large personalities so I’ve been looking for any excuse to get out of the house. Barbara said they were leaving at 11:00 so I waited until 11:30 then hit the road (they didn’t actually leave until 3:30 which to me would mean waiting until tomorrow). When I got to the creek, the parking area was full because they were doing baptisms today. When I got out of the truck I heard them singing ‘Amazing Grace’. Upon listening a little I decided they actually sounded pretty good, being backed up with guitar and dobro and some harmony thrown in. At first I thought it was like karaoke with a boom box but it was actual people playing and singing. Of course by the time I started riding the music had stopped and they were into the dunking part of the ceremony but had they continued I might have stopped to listen a little. ‘Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?’ kinda music.

So I headed up the road to the trail and they’ve started clearing on the Red Rock Trail but they’ve left it pretty much alone. I can’t say that about the tortoises but with a little clearing on it and Lupine, that section will be good to go. Serpentinas is way torn up but only in one section I think. I rode around on the road they’ve cut and it takes out a good section. They are clearing a lot, way down the hill to the railroad bed and even across it in some places. They will probably finish about the time it gets to hot to do any work. I started off feeling kinda queasy but I left in a better mood after seeing how they’ve tried to avoid the trail. Once done I headed back to the car to lube my chain. The church service was over and the redneck/tattoo crowd was back. I headed up the road going northeast. Great ride, I got in 30 miles in 4.5 hours with lots of exploring thrown in.

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