Work continues at the trail. I rode part of it last weekend and it didn’t seem too bad, just a few days of clearing would have it back in shape. The view is incredible. The whole railroad bed is now visible and there is some great micro terrain in that area that can be exploited. I rode about 20 miles up towards Bear Lake on the dirt roads. A super nice ride plus I found some new sections I hadn’t ridden before but I forgot the GPS so I’ll have to get it next time. Later I heard that Serpentinas was pretty messed up by the tractors but the portion I rode seemed fine. I saw two whippoorwills or whatever their cousins are called.

Today Candice and Jason and I did 6 hours each clearing June Bug and Porc Chop. The tractors were still working out there but it was up closer to Red Rock Rd. There was one short section of Porc Chop that was missing and it looked like a chunk of Serpentinas was gone but since they were driving around we chose to not explore. The old entrance looked pretty beat up also but I couldn’t really tell without getting out and looking. I will say that this whole trail building experience has been less than satisfying with the constant setbacks but I saw someone out riding and some fresh tracks so at least it’s getting some appreciation. I hope that when all the clearing is done that there are several years of calm and maybe some good enhancements allowed from the forestry department and maybe some donations from them as well.

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  1. It was probably my tracks you saw on the trail, I rode it Friday morning. It was my first time out there in a while and I must say I was disappointed! Last time I rode it was great, this time not so much.

    I started on the Red Rock trail to the intersection of the Lupine and Serpentinas. I turned on Serpentinas and went a short way then no trail, just the clearing. I searched around but never found any blazes to take me down toward the river. I turned around and rode the Lupine and June Bug. They were OK for the most part. I started back on Porc Chop and ran out of trail- and trees again. I got bummed out and bushwhacked back to the dirt road and headed back on pavement.

    I can’t believe Forestry would let them clear cut a primitive area like that. After you had to re-route the trail because of turtle holes they let heavy equipment run over everything??

    You made a great trail but it will need some serious work to get back to what it was. Guess I’ll be riding the dirt roads to get my fix now.

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