So Saturday I had the big plan to load up the road bike, my rear wheel off the mountain bike, and my trail tools and head up to Milton for the Saturday Blackwater ride. I arrived at the trail head ready to go and shortly we were off, destination and distance unknown. I got to chat with several people I hadn’t seen in a while and I got to ride in the beautiful springtime weather. I’m sorta out of shape plus I did two hard days on the mountainbike last week so the 50 miles we rode was pretty tiring but I hung in there and finished up around 11:30. I changed out of my wet clothes and grabbed my rear wheel and took it over to Victor to get him to restring it. It should be ready this coming weekend so I get to repeat this weekend again. Next I grabbed a burger and fries from the quickie food stand at the trail head. I sat and enjoyed it at the picnic table where all the other riders were lingering. I can’t believe no one else got a burger as it’s all I could think about. As I sat there I saw four different sets of touring bike groups. Pretty amazing as I’ve been looking into (just reading lots of blogs, no real effort) doing some bike packing or touring. Soon I was on my way to do some trail work. As I passed the main gate I noticed they were doing some work out there and I assumed they were fixing the road since it’s pretty washed out. I grabbed my tools and backpack and headed out into the woods where I worked two turns and instead of discarding to dirt, I piled it on the trail creating some ‘water bars’ in a poor imitation of the Munson Hills trail. The mounds will mellow after the first good rain and a few people ride over them. It was labor intensive and I only put in 4 hours. After I finished I went to check out the construction of the road. What they were doing instead of road fixin’ was fuel wood cuttin’. A large swath of land around Porcchop was mowed down. They pretty much gyrotrac and then cut down anything that’s not a pine tree. It wasn’t pretty but I did see where they worked around the trail, leaving a 10′-20′ buffer on both sides. So the trail is safe except for a few places they cut across but it isn’t the same as before so be prepared. The road going in is a large sandpit that will have to be addressed by the Forestry Department. I’ll see how much they cut this weekend when I head back up.

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