I finally got done with my stupid project at work and I definitely needed a day in the woods. I did some exploring of an old road that heads north in the east side of Juniper Creek and I was hoping it would go far enough north that it would tie into a creek access road. It went a long way but not far enough. But they have recently burned so even if there isn’t a trail, we can easily ride through the soot. Afterwords I hit the new section because there have been horses, or at least one horse, on it. I made some hand lettered signs asking them please don’t ride on our trail. We’ll see. Next I did a lot of straightening on Serpentinas. Maybe too much, maybe not enough. I can’t wait to ride it. The straightening might make a lap 10 seconds faster. Finally I flagged a shortcut that will cut Serpentinas in half (roughly). I didn’t finish because it wasn’t coming out where I thought it would so I needed to look at a map to get a bigger picture. It looks like the trail is getting some use. There are a few places that are covered in leaves but 99% looks easy to follow. It should be in fine shape for the time trial on the 20th of February. I also need to update the map and coordinate the trail head signage with the Forestry people. Soon. 5.5 hours

Sunday we did a pancake ride to break in the club’s new grill. Huge turnout. I was close to the front for about the first third and I was fading fast. Luckily my chain fell off so I got to ease off in the back of the pack. I also broke a spoke. It was a good ride though and the pancakes and coffee were a perfect reward.

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Check that one off my list. Another nice ride at White Springs. No mud or water on the trail and almost perfect temps. Dan, David and I rode it in a little less than 5 hours and I figured it wouldn’t have taken that long with all the dirt road and paved road and no traffic but I guess we were going slower. The wine at the last sag stop didn’t help. Well, it did but it hurt the legs for the last 5 miles. The buffet at the Telford House was excellent.

Steve didn’t do the ride but he did knock out 8 hours of trail work. He moved the sign from the yellow gate #2 to the new trail intersection. He also straightened the old intersection to flow a little better. I think he did a little clearing on the Junebug and Porc chop trails. I need to get out next weekend if possible. So far he’s got more trail maintenance hours than I do for this year.

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New Year, New Trail

It’s been a busy month with the holidays and travel. So to begin where I left off, mid-December, Barbara and I went to Germany for Barbara’s mother’s funeral ceremony. She passed away back in August and we decided to do Christmas in the homeland along with a nice ceremony for the family. Sorta unorthodox but not unpleasant. We spent 3 weeks drinking and eating too much and not doing anything strenuous other than lugging a minivan sized suitcase all over Germany. All went very well. The ceremony was very low key but very nice. Lots of snow and below freezing temps. When we learned how to dress correctly we were enjoying life a lot more. Germany is a beautiful country and a nice coating of snow certainly helped. Next time I’m getting a bike and hitting some of the bike way that covers the whole country.

The weekend after we got home was the San Felasco ride near Alachua. After 3 weeks of lounging, I was more than ready to do a 50 miler. We four, Steve, Dan, Ed and I rode over in Steve’s SUV on Friday and stayed in beautiful Lake City. Saturday dawned surprisingly warm but I loaded up with all I owned and hit the trail a little after 8:00. Within a half an hour I was overdressed but the trail was great. At some point I lost a pedal but managed to gimp in at 4:55. It was a great ride but the ride home was the most painful.

Last Saturday we hit Blackwater to see if it was still rideable. I hadn’t been on the trail in months but it was very rideable with very little deadfall and a good path worn through the fallen leaves. It was also the first ride of the completed new connector trail that Steve finished up while I was away (thanks Steve!). Nice trail i will say. I want to get up there soon to do some more work. But my job has been encroaching on my life . Bummer. This coming weekend is the Idadaride that we did last year in the mud. But I’ve got new tires, new brakes and most importantly, new pedals (thanks Ed!).

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