Rough Ride

No trail work this Thanksgiving weekend. Thursday we headed up to the farm for Thanksgiving. Mark and Kimberly cooked a pig and a turkey and it was awesome. I seriously over ate. Needless to say the ride I had planned for friday got pushed back to Saturday. Friday was rainy anyway so I stayed cooped up in the garage on my other project. Saturday Steve and I headed up to do a lap or two. The new section is so soft it’s difficult to ride plus all the logs that need to be addressed. We rode it anyway and had a great time. I started getting fatigued on the second lap and I got dropped enough that Steve got far enough ahead I couldn’t see him. I came around a corner to find him laid out on the trail and not making much effort to get out of MY way. Apparently he had caught a stump with his pedal and went face first into a small tree. We got him up and moving after gathering his wits and he proceeded to drop me again in short order. He’s going to have a bruise. Shortly after, my stomach started doing flips, probably due to the second antibiotic I’m taking for the root canal I had last week. Joy. After fertilizing the bushes I managed to hook back up with Steve. We ran across another couple of riders on their way in. I hope they had a nicer ride than we did although our ride was pretty darned good. It looks like the trail may be getting some use. It was fairly easy to follow despite the leaf litter.

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Last weekend was spent on vacation in Portland, OR.  Dreary weather but a progressive city. I got in Wednesday at noon and for $2.35 I took the TRIMAX from the airport to downtown within a block of the hotel. Granted it took about 45 minutes but I was on vacation so time wasn’t that important. I rented a bike on Thursday, a Fuji Roubaix carbon something that was a bit too small but I rode it anyway on the greenway  up and down the river. I hooked up with my friend Harry and we headed from downtown up the hill to Council Crest Park which has a killer view of Mt Hood if the weather is cooperating. That day it was.

Unfortunately on the climb I couldn’t get out of the big chain ring so I was getting worked pretty good. We did a quick descent and then headed back up again to go to another lookout. Then it started drizzling so we parted ways and I went back to downtown in search of food and beer. It was a good 4 hour ride but I was nervous about riding in the rain on super slippery leaf covered streets. I did manage to crash when my front wheel got hung up on a streetcar rail but I didn’t get hurt. Nor did the bike. I managed to forget my water bottles at the shop so I guess Bikes Plus has some advertising in Portland.

Sunday we headed to a cyclocross race. It was a great event with probably several hundred participants. I probably could have hung with the beginner girls.

We were back on Monday so it was a short trip but worth it.

On Saturday Candice and Jason showed up to help out on the continuation of the new trail. We cranked out quite a lot but failed to break through. They left after 3.5 hours and I pressed on to get the trail mostly ride-able to the railroad bed. Then I cut a quick spur out to the road so it can be ridden in some. As I was finishing up I ran across a couple of riders that I talked into riding the new section. Suckers! I think they pushed most of the way because the ground is so soft plus there are still several logs that need to be worked. It was there first time out to the trail and I hope the rest of the ride was better than the first part.  A total of 13 hours.

I’m including this video because I think the song is great. I thought it was some old Elton John song I had never heard. Then I found out it was from the Scissor Sisters and I guess they are fans of Elton John. I heard an interview on NPR with them and they are definitely gay which ties in even more with Elton John. Anyway I was searching Youtube for a video to attach to this post and I though of this song. The official video was pretty lame but definitely removed any doubt that they are a gay band. I then found this live video from a BBC production. I was blown away. And I think Brian May of Queen that appears near the beginning of the video is amazed also. It’s kind of a cross between Peewee’s Playhouse and the Village People.

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Bits and Pieces

Last weekend, the Schnauzer and I pin flagged the last remaining section. It was another beautiful day and we knocked it out in about 3 hours. I also got in 2 laps plus a trip in and out on the new section. It rode nice.

Friday I went up to check out the trail and the pin flagged area to see how it held up during the two days of rain we had. There weren’t any problems that I could see. There was a lot of deadfall on the rest of the trail though and Steve and I got in an hour of trail work clearing stuff out of the way. We ran into John and saw Jason and Candice’s truck. Pretty good for a Friday. We saw a baby water moccasin on the road sunning itself.

Saturday I helped with TM at UWF. I built a couple of water bars so maybe the trail will hold up for another year. The time trial is tomorrow but I’ll be skipping it partly because I have to take Barbara to the airport and either the antibiotics or the shorter days seem to be making me lazy.

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