Banner Weekend

On Saturday, Candice, Jason and I powered through the end of the flagged section. I did some quick rerouting to make the downhill section longer and less steep and the uphill section a little twistier. There are still a few corners that need some attention and a few log crossings that might be removed plus there is a big ditch crossing that is rideable but I’d like to make it a little smoother. For now the trail hops in from the road and spits out on Serpentinas. It’s hard to find and I’ll probably keep it that way for a while just so I can fix those corners, log crossings and the big ditch.  Next will be flagging through the thicket down to the parking area.  I think it will be a blast when it’s all finished. We were at it for 6.5 hours for a nice one day total of 19.5 hours. And Jason brought me one of his home brews which was refreshingly cold and hoppy.

Sunday I went back up to ride everything since it’s been a while. The new trail was super nice even with the aforementioned turns and logs. The rest of the trail was in great shape except for the way out section of Serpentinas where I didn’t do any trail work. Even it wasn’t that bad but I did stop and remove some deadfall. The leaves and pine needles are starting to fall making the trail a little slippery and hard to follow in some places but I got in two laps and I’m beat. I plan on riding it more often now that it’s cooled off some. The creek is numbingly cold.

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The Weather Just Won’t Quit

It’s been a fabulous couple of weeks with the cooler temps and low humidity. I can’t remember the last time I saw a cloud in the sky. Last weekend I pin flagged about 0.8 miles of trail, pretty much everything from the gate downhill to the swamp. I feel like I avoided all the tortoise holes and still made a nice trail. It gets tight in a few places but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. The trail runs from the red gate down the hill parallel to Red Rock  Road until the slope starts getting steep, then it veers off into the woods and runs back up hill and roughly parallel to the downhill trail. Once it gets close to the dirt access road that the red gate is on it turns 180 degrees and runs along the bottom of the hill back to Red Rock Road. So it’s basically a large ‘S’. I also started doing some cutting but I didn’t get that far. I think I had about 4 hours.

This weekend was a busy weekend with the Fenner/Wantz ride, the Greek Fest and the Deluna Fest. Jason and Candice had Friday off and a new landscape ax to break in so the proceeded to start cutting trail. They got surprisingly far and did an excellent job. They each had 4 hours. Saturday morning was the Fenner/Wantz ride and I was pretty sure I could knock it out. My goal was to get it done in 5.5 to 6 hours. There were so many people there. I guess about 300 but from the back of the pack it was people on bikes as far as the eye could see. I rode with Dale, Dan and Ed S. The plan was to hook up with Keith and let him pull us the whole way. Unfortunately the only time I saw Keith was in the parking lot. Several of the guys in PORC that hadn’t done a century ride did manage to latch on and they finished well before we did. Our group of four mostly hung together along with a few others. We got held up by a flat tire and some issues with food and drinks at the sag stops. Dale and Dan didn’t plan on doing the century but at the point of no return the climbed aboard the pain train. After the last sag stop Ed and I kept up a surprisingly good pace on the flats and downhills. The uphills were brutal but luckily they weren’t that long or that steep. I managed to stay reasonably hydrated and fueled up so I wasn’t crampy or bonking. Ed and I finished in about 6.5 hours which is way too long to sit on a bike. My neck took most of the punishment but overall I was just achy and tired. About 15-20 minutes later Dan and Dale rolled in with Dale suffering the most. Still we all finished although Dale’s was an ugly finish. At the beginning of the ride one guy touched wheels in the pack and went down. He looked like he was in severe pain and later we found out he had broken his hip. Ouch. We also came up on an ambulance with lights flashing and we thought someone had been hit by a car but it was an over-the-bars due to a front flat tire that resulted in a broken collar bone. Bummer. We hit the Greek Fest in the evening and it was awesome as usual but after one beer I was ready for bed.

Anyway, today I went out to hit the trail work. I got in 3 hours but I cleared a lot of trail due to the forest being so open. I also rode the trail and it was quite fun but my legs are like lead today so it was bittersweet. I think next weekend we could finish up all I have flagged and maybe jump the trail out on to the road so people can start using it. I brought the Schnauzer since he just celebrated his 10th birthday. He was rewarded with a swim in the creek. I was hoping to hit Deluna Fest today but I don’t have it in me. Galactic is playing before Willie Nelson. This will have to suffice.



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Promising Start

The weather was indeed perfect this weekend, as it has been for the last week. I hung out at Truly Spokin while I was getting some locks re-keyed.  Pensacola Bay Brewery had left a Party Pig keg and Mark brought the dregs to me with a fresh glass and I proceeded to polish it off. My plan was to hold off of the beer because I wanted to feel good for the 60 miler we were doing out of Milton Saturday morning but I’m weak. Anyway after 3-4 glasses of beer, I felt not so bad Saturday when we headed out but it was cool and it took me a while to get warm. We had a good ride and I was back at the parking lot at 11:00 and only a little crampy from not drinking enough. There’s a rumor going round that I’m doing the century at the Fenner/Wantz ride.  I think that will be a game day decision.

Sunday Barbara and I met Candice and Jason at the trail to do a gopher tortoise search.  We started about 9:00 and finished about 11:30. We found a couple more holes but some of the holes David and I found I couldn’t relocate. Since we finished pretty quickly, I let Jason flag some trail and then we proceeded to start cutting. Greg S. showed up after finishing his ride to help out for an hour or so. They cut maybe 100 yards and I flagged about that much going the other direction. I hope to get out next weekend and flag a lot more with the box of flags that Jason donated to the cause. As we were working, a guy rides up on his bike to, I thought, quiz us on what we were doing. Turns out to be Tom Ledew, David’s boss. He was happy to see us out working and asked if there was anything he could do for us. He was out to ride the trail (helmetless, I might add) and enjoying the afternoon. It’s good to have the man on your side.

19.5 hours total.

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