Work Has Begun

Not on the new trail yet but cleaning up some of the deadfall that has gotten out of control. I started last weekend and did about 4 hours of removing dead yaupon and oak trees that had fallen across the trail or were about to. I also redirected the trail in two places. It’s still way hot so it wasn’t very pleasant. Yesterday Jason and Candice came out to help and we pretty much finished it off except for some of the farthest places on Serpentinas. They got in 3,5 hours and I stayed out a while longer and cleared the access route from the red gate #2. Next weekend is the race so probably the weekend after for anymore trail work. 16 hours total for two weekends.

On a side note, someone left a mattress and box springs at the UWF trail head. I guess they didn’t want to fork out $9.37 to take it to the landfill. I loaded it on top of the 4Runner and hauled it home. Friday after work I took it out to the landfill. The landfill is much nicer than I remember it being. Not near as smelly (but still smelly) and a lot better organized. Lots of recycling going on. Anyway, I paid the fee and felt good about the whole thing. Then I went to the bike shop and bought two blinky lights for the bikes so we can ride at night. Brian was nice enough to give me a 15% discount, 10% for being a bike club member and an additional 5% for being a good egg. ‘No good deed goes unpunished’ my eye.

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