Finally, a Ride

It’s been too long since I’ve ridden the loop. I did some trail work at UWF on Friday so I would have Saturday free to do a ride. It’s been incredibly hot so we decided to meet at 8:00am to beat the heat. No such luck. We did the loop forwards and backwards and did a little trail maintenance along the way. It still amazes me that trees fall across the trail when there are other ways to fall. Overall the trail was in good shape,  especially after all the rain we’ve had and the earlier mowing we did. The creek was wonderful after the ride. I finished up the trail work at UWF on Sunday and the temps were in the 100’s. Only stupid people go out in this heat.

I got my new frame assembled. The old Rig finally broke so I got a Niner SIR 9. It’s a steel frame that’s ss or geared. I redid my fork so it’s 100mm to fit the geometry of the frame. The ride is nice and I hope it lasts longer than the last two frames.

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