Seasonally Perfect Rides

The weather has been banner this spring so I’ve been taking advantage of it by doing some long dirt road rides.  The first weekend we went North and then West to the other side of Munson Hwy.  Some of it was fun but we ended up on horse trails that were soft and lumpy. The roads were great but probably no worth hitting again. Last weekend David and I headed North towards Bear Lake.  The Dogwoods were in bloom and they had recently burned a lot of the area and the ferns and wire grass were coming in a brilliant green. We made it to Bear Lake and did the loop there. I haven’t been on that trail for years and it was more fun than I remembered but still not very exciting. It’s a great destination though. We did about 34 miles in 4.5 hours. Today Steve and I did pretty much the same route with several improvements. It was noticeably warmer and sandier as it hasn’t rained in several weeks. We did about 30 miles in 4 hours. If we included the Red Rock trail it would have been 40 miles. My goal by the end of summer is to get a 62 mile loop planned and ridden. It shouldn’t be difficult with all the side roads we passed.

Today was Steve’s last ride for a while as he’s packing up and traveling out west for the summer. Good luck and see you in the Fall.

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I had a super good meeting with David Creamer on Friday. He was happy to be out of the office and in no hurry to get back so we spent 2 hours roaming the trail and discussing future plans. Both he and his boss are very pleased with the trail.  They have inspected it and found no problems so all is well. I now have a location for crossing Holmes Branch to begin a new section to the south. I might have to get a $100 permit but that’s no problem. I might be able to start building the new section from the trail head to the parking area without getting a gopher tortoise survey done and I may not have to wait on Tallahassee. I might be able to build a shortcut on Serpentinas and make the two longer lobes into a more technical trail. I also tallied the total hours of trail work and I came up with 461 hours. That doesn’t include planning, only on the ground work.

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