Perfect Day

Steve and I met at 9:00 to do a lap and then do some trail work. The weather was perfect, atypical for February. We busted out a lap and I pointed out the sections that needed some work. The muddy section at the bottom of Junebug was first on the list. We straightened out the muddy turn. We also moved the trail to go straight across the last big puddle up to the railroad bed. After lunch at the trestle we hit Serpentinas to soften up a couple of turns. The alterations should be subtle enough that they’re not noticeable. We finished up around 2:30 and enjoyed the perfect day. A hammock was brought up several times.

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Miserable Winter

This winter has been miserable. Colder than normal and a lot more rain makes it hard to get out and do anything. And to top it off the antibiotics are getting unpleasant. Saturday and Sunday however were beautiful. Saturday David and I wandered aimlessly through the woods flagging what I hope to be a new trail from the parking area to the trail head. It should be a nice connector that I’m hoping will be a fun ride due to the awesome side slope. It’s still a year from being built but we might as well plan for it now. I was pretty dizzy and weak from the pills but we managed to chop through the super thick stuff at the bottom of the hill. There are so many downed trees in that area, almost like a tornado hit it. It’s also a jungle of vines. I sent the GPS files off to the forestry people to check the area for tortoises. We found several holes so I know there are more. The Boy Scouts put up a lot, if not all, of the new signs. They look great as does the entrance sign at the main gate.

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We did our first Pancake Ride today. There were seven of us including a straggler (Josh) we found on the trail. Barbara did a fabulous job of cooking the pancakes and we did a banner job of finishing them off. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this years ago (or maybe we did but didn’t do anything about it). The last Pancake Ride got canceled due to cold weather and today was borderline pancake eating weather but we were all dressed for it. I think most of us got in at least an incidental lap if not two just to make it an official Pancake Ride.

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