Last weekend about a dozen of us went to White Springs for the 16th Ididaride, a 50 mile off road event along the Suwanee River. I had done this ride in the past and I remembered it to be a nice ride on some singletrack and dirt roads but nothing epic. This year I signed up for the San Felasco ride which is a lot more singletrack and much more terrain but I was having a reaction to the antibiotics so I had to bail. Luckily as a backup, I signed up for the Ididaride just in case. Well the Ididaride turned out to be rather epic although I doubt the organizers planned it that way. After about 20 uneventful miles the trail turned to mud. Some of the mud wasn’t to bad, maybe a couple of inched deep. Other places were just water for yards, maybe miles. I figure about 5 miles of mud total although it’s really hard to guess. Hub deep pools and seriously muck pulled at our bikes making the miles drag on. I managed to pedal through most of it but there were hidden obstacles lurking beneath the surface that caught me off guard several times. It was a great ride that probably couldn’t have been planned. The weather was warm enough that getting wet wasn’t an issue. Lots of mud covered people and bikes. Afterwards a buffet dinner was provided which was pretty awesome. Lots of people from Ft. Walton. I can’t wait until next year. I may not have to wait to do another long ride as I would like to do a dirt-centric metric century ride in early March when hunting season is over. I think it would be fun but probably not very exciting.

I rode the loop yesterday and it was very nice. It’s beat in enough that I can just ride without having to pay attention to the trail. There was some standing water in places but it rained pretty hard Friday night. The creek was way up and flowing across the road so I guess it’s understandable. I saw 4 deer. I also flagged a new section of trail to make a connector from the parking area up the hill to the trail head. I flagged close to the road but the more I got to exploring the better the terrain looked so I may try to expand my layout to add maybe a mile or more. At the bottom of the hill the scrub gets super thick so I didn’t get any farther. It may be to wet in there but I’m going to flag it anyway. It may take some mechanical clearing to get through there. I’m not even sure the trail will get approved but I’ve spoken with David Creamer about the possibility of a trail there and he seemed up for it. I also found the old car that was in a ravine and a piece of old steel cable.

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Deer Tick

So now I have Lyme’s disease. I’ve been on antibiotics for about 2 weeks and they are giving me heartburn. I was doing fine until this week when I had a fever and skipped work which also meant I missed the San Felasco ride. On the plus side, the weather there was in the low 20’s and the radar showed snow. Still I was bummed. I signed up for the Ididaride but I haven’t really prepared for it either. It’s in the 20’s again this morning but maybe it will warm up enough this afternoon to get in a lap somewhere.

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The Bridge of Death

Last Sunday, two people went off the bridge and injured themselves. One required stitches and had a concussion and the other had a broken wrist. Two separate incidents that only connected at the emergency room. One had to be carried out on a back board. Man, did I feel like a turd. Both people were very gracious and weren’t blaming me but I still felt responsible. The bridge was only supposed to be temporary but I had left it because it added some difficulty to the trail. The problem was there was no other route to take if you didn’t want to cross the ditch. I contacted the Forestry people and made them aware of the situation and they were very understanding. I told them I would remove it and Friday I did just that. Tony (the husband of the woman with the broken wrist) met me there and offered to help with the reroute. He was sorta bummed the bridge had to go. He lives up in that area and has been riding bikes around there for years. He’s very happy that there’s a trail near his house. Anyway, the bridge is gone and the trail rerouted.

Saturday I met Scott B. and Ed B. up there to do some laps. I needed to get in some miles because the San Felasco ride is next weekend and I’m woefully unprepared. Ed and I got in two laps and Scott got in a lap and a half. We ran into several other people out riding. I bet there were a dozen people on the trail. I guess they heard about the accidents and wanted to see the carnage? I guess any press is good press.

It was a good two laps. Every lap I do I see a section that could be cleaned up a little. For now I’m just gonna ride.

Were getting a deck and handicap ramp put on the front of the house for Barbara’s mother. There is lots of good scrap PT lumber for building skinnies.

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