Group Ride

11 people on the group ride although only 9 completed the loop. No one got lost (AFAIK) so the maintenance must have helped. There were a lot of tires on the trail so maybe it’s getting worn in some.

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The dog and I got about 4.5 hours of just trimming. The weather has been so manic lately, it’s hard to plan anything. It was warm and muggy today. Yesterday was cold and rainy. My weekly riding schedule is almost nonexistent. I finally busted out of the house around 10:00 and I trimmed back the remainder of Junebug, what Steve didn’t finish. Steve did about 5.5 hours earlier in the week.  I bought a new weed cutting tool that works so-so. I guess some folks call it a slingblade. It’s rough on the hands and hard to grip but it does cut the small stuff well. I fixed a couple of bad corners along the way. I also scoped out a creek crossing that looks promising. With the high water, it was still inside it’s banks so there’s not much of a flood plain.

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We finally got to do a lap on the cleaned up trail. Saturday, Steve met me up there for a couple of laps. It was cold and damp and windy but the hardest part of the ride was getting out of the warm car. Billy, Chris and Buzz were also there riding but as I was running late, they started without me. The Junebug and Lupine trails still need some trimming but both were easy to follow. The rest of the loop was great even after the big storm we had during the week. Even though the ground was still a little soft, we managed to do a lap in under an hour including quick stops. I bet a 50 minute lap is possible if you know the trail. Billy and Co. headed out to ride elsewhere after their lap. Steve and I hit it both directions but I’m not sure if I have a preference yet. Some sections are now a lot faster than they were so what was a technical uphill section now is a fun downhill section. I’m still thinking about a leaf blower but I might wait until every last leaf is off the trees. After Steve and I finished our laps, we headed back to the cars down at the creek. When we got there, there was a large rental truck parked in the road with people milling about. They had bikes and kayaks strewn about and were lounging around drinking beer. Billy and his group arrived at the same time as we did so it made this weird convergence thing happen. Anyway, they were from Destin and they were looking for adventure. They had just ridden the Jackson trail and were disappointed that the creek was to full to go kayaking, never mind that it’s 45 degrees outside. I told them about PORC and the new trail just up the road. They seemed interested so maybe we’ll see them on the trail soon. I need to start thinking about a trail head marker and kiosk.

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