Thanksgiving Week IV

It was just me and the dog today. We did a quick job on the Porc chop trail, a little trimming and a lot of raking. I tried renting a leaf blower from Home Depot but they didn’t have one to rent. Bummer. I want to try one out before I buy one. I need to go through the June Bug trail but I think it’s in fairly good shape.  I’m aching to do a loop on the trail. There was a guy pulling up just as I was leaving so I stopped and chatted with him. He had never ridden the loop and was going to try it out. He said he works out at Whiting Field so he was planning on hitting Blackwater after work on occasion. 5 hours.

Yesterday, Steve and Ed and I went to Mobile to ride Chickasawbogue and USA. Chickasawbogue is in rough shape but still pretty fun. The bridges they built back in the day are beginning to fall apart. USA is a blast. 9.5 miles of twisty singletrack. It was all I could do to hang on to the wheel in front of me. They do a great job of keeping that trail going.

As far as the whole week goes, it was very productive, although I didn’t get the whole loop finished. A couple of more bodies would have helped a lot but I didn’t expect anyone to show. Thanks to Steve and Matt for investing their time.

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Thanksgiving Week III

Steve helped out again and we did a bang up job on the rest of Serpentinas. My friend Matt showed up just in time for lunch but he raked for over an hour which moved us along. Serpentinas should be pretty darned easy to follow now. I might try to make it up again on Saturday just to fix some other small areas on other trails that I remember requiring some attention. I might rent a gas powered leaf blower and see how well that works. Steve and I got in 7 hours and Matt got 1.

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Thanksgiving Week II

Steve joined in again and we worked about the same amount as yesterday which i think is about three quarters of a mile. I think about another three quarters of a mile and Serpentinas will be done. That is the major goal of the week with doing the whole loop as a possibility. The small reroutes ride very well. 6 hours each.

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Thanksgiving Week I

I’ve got the whole week of Thanksgiving off from work so I plan on spending it working on the trail and finishing some chores around the house. Saturday was spent doing said chores so Sunday Steve and I hit Blackwater at 9:00 am. We dragged ourselves out of the woods at 3:30 after trimming, cleaning and in some cases rerouting the trail.  The reroutes are going to help the flow a lot and the trimming will certainly make the trail easier to follow. There’s still much to do so the week will be put to good use.

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Busy Weekend

Another busy weekend. Saturday, Nate, Steve and I worked on a reroute on a particularly sandy section of the gravel road at UWF. What started out to be a new short section of trail ended up being a long section of reclamation. Someone back in the day had cut a trail going exactly where we wanted and I guess they abandoned it, maybe when the gravel road got constructed. Anyway, we reclaimed it and it should be a lot nicer than the eroded and sandy road. There is a small creek that may be a wet weather creek but it had water in it so there may need to be a creek crossing of some sort. Right now it’s crossed by some slippery rotted logs. I had the trailer loaded down with tools so by the time I got home, my legs were fairly sore. I spent the rest of the evening reworking the trailer so the tools sit lower making the bike not so tippy. I think I had about 4-4.5 hours at UWF.

Sunday, Barbara and I loaded up the bikes and headed up to Blackwater to do a nice and easy lap on a perfect fall day. We got about a third of a lap in before Barbara gave out and headed down to the creek to read the paper. I met up with Marty, James, Mark, Nate, Ryan, and two new guys whose names I can’t remember and we knocked out a lap. The trail is hard to follow in places due to the weeds and encroaching branches. There must be some law about trees falling on the trail because there was so much deadfall across the trail. We got in a good lap though. Several sections were tedious but others were pretty exciting. Mark and Marty stayed on my wheel so I know they had a good lap without having to search for the trail. The others worked on their trail following skills. All the trail needs is a little trimming and a lot of riding. I’m thinking of taking off the week of Thanksgiving and get in a weeks worth of cleanup. I think they stayed to get in some more riding. I finished off the day by completing the trailer project. I loaded it down with all the tools and it rode so much better. IMG_0883IMG_0884

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