Mostly Bug Free

Saturday I took advantage of the cool weather and brought the dog out for some trail maintenance at UWF. I got there at around 9:00 and the parking lot was just about full. Lots of people gearing up for the 50 mile Epic Ride in November.  It was good to see so many people out enjoying the weather. The schnauzer and I hiked out to the Gorge to finish the reroutes and then headed to the Chute to rework some areas the horses trampled. As we were headed out I saw more horses headed in. I just don’t understand why they choose to ride our trails when they have an equestrian center, trails on NWFWMD land and about 100 miles of trails in Blackwater that are maintained for them. I’m not a hater though. 4.5 hours

Sunday Barbara and I loaded up all the dogs and ventured to Blackwater to do some trail work there. We touched up the first mile or so, nothing real strenuous. We were pleasantly tired and the dogs were exhausted when we finished.  3.5 hours each.

I asked the forestry guy about flagging some trail where they were doing some logging and he said he would rather keep the trails near the Juniper Creek Primitive Area. That’s fine by me. IMG_0780

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Road Ride

I did the Fenner/Wantz ride yesterday, a total of 62 miles. Last year I managed 74 or so but I was with stronger riders and there wasn’t as much wind. Yesterday was blustery and cool. I bet we did 40 miles into the wind with only 22 with a tail wind. I was done in. Road riding is fun but it’s painful mostly because I’m not sure my bike fits me all that well. Knees, hips, neck and shoulders were more painful than my muscles. There was a fellow riding a Bacchetta recumbent that looked less goofy than most recumbents and it sits up higher on 650 wheels. I might try to do a test ride on one if I can find one my size. Lots of PORCers and several first timers. Lots of nice bikes and good food but lousy t-shirts.

On the way up to Munson we hit Sandy Landing road. It’s one I’ve been on in the past. Between the road and Juniper Creek they’ve done some logging and it looks pretty good since they didn’t clearcut. I’m going to ask the forestry people if they did a biological survey and if so can I go ahead and scope out the area for a trail running north. That might be a cool quick and easy trail to build. The only drawback is it’s a hunting area but it’s very open so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Blackwater Finally

I finally hit Blackwater after months of inattentiveness.  I spent the better part of the day at the Blackwater Bike Festival lounging around, looking at cool antique and custom bikes. Not much activity at the PORC tent although I forgot to bring the tent so I was in a loaner tent. Robbie B. was nice enough to loan me his tent and was also nice enough to drop it off at Truly Spokin. Barbara was nice enough to go by and pick it up and bring it home. I however forgot to get it out of her car and put it in mine.  Brett W. was nice enough to loan me a spare tent so I didn’t have to roast in the sun. I had a nice chat with Charlie from Bikes Plus about bike advocacy in our area.

After packing up I headed up to the trail. Lots of activity in the parking area with Boy Scouts camping out and a large party of EMS people (I think). As I was riding up the road, a couple of riders were heading back to the parking lot. There were fresh tire tracks on part of the trail so I can assume they made an effort to ride. My guess is the spiders chased them away. I rode a full lap and it was quite pleasant. There was some deadfall in places and the weeds were getting pretty tall but it was easy for me to follow. I think a day or two of trimming would help out a lot. Waiting for the cool weather. Why is it trees fall across the trail instead of the other direction? They’ve got 360 degrees to fall but invariably it’s across the trail. I rode the new skinny twice though not the full length. Dropping off the top wasn’t as difficult as I feared. My bottom bracket started slipping so I eased back to the car and tightened it and then hit the northbound gravel road. I took a new route for a nice ride through the forest adding another couple of miles. Too many beer cans.

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Saturday Barbara and I helped with a creek cleanup, the same one we did last year where I sliced open my leg. This year we hit the Blackwater River finishing up at Blackwater River State Park. The river was a lot cleaner than Coldwater, even though we filled a garbage bag full and part of another, but the trip was a lot longer, close to eleven miles. After about 3.5 hours I was done collecting garbage and we still paddled for another hour. Still, it was fun and cool to see another river.

Sunday was the Official UWF Trail Maintenance day. Around 14 people showed up but no real newbies. Still a good turnout for a rainy day. Ed B, Dustin and I hit the Gorge and managed to reroute two sections I’ve been wanting to fix for years. We flagged them out and then Ed and Dustin did the clearing while I rehabed some water bars. It started raining off and on for a while and then it rained pretty heavy for an hour or so.  It made it fun building water bars and actually seeing them work. It’s pretty amazing how much water collects on the trail even over a short 20 foot section. Ed and I finished off the Gorge as the rain eased off. It should be a fun ride on Tuesday.

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