Dustin and I finished blazing the Bayou Loop at UWF and then did some rehabilitation on several sections of trail that either got washed out with all the rain or were starting to show their age. I guess there has gotten to be a larger number of riders on those trails because they are starting to wear more now than they ever have. All those places that were poorly designed (probably not designed, just cut) are getting unrideable and places that were borderline are now staring to erode. Water bars are hard to build but fortunately they make the trail pretty fun to ride. Next weekend is an official trail maintenance day so maybe some of the newer crowd can come out and see how it’s done.

I was all fired up to buy a new Gary Fisher HiFi 29er after the fork on my Rig locked up at Oak Mountain. $500 was too much for a new fork and there were other things that needed fixing and I want to do some road trips that require gears for the longer climbs of North Georgia. To my disappointment, all the 2009 models were sold and the 2010 models don’t arrive until mid November. That’s too long to go without a bike so I hurriedly bought a rigid fork to keep me in action for a while. All it took was a ride or two to realize a rigid fork is a form of torture. Dustin came to the rescue with a Reba fork that is brand new and reasonably priced. I also splurged on a new drive train, lock on grips and a new saddle and I put on my old Juicy 7 brakes after the cables on my BB7’s got ruined in the rain and mud of Oak Mountain. It’s like riding a brand new bike. I used it today to pull the trailer and it rode well enough to notice a difference. Tomorrow I plan on riding trailer free and hit the new stuff we built today.

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Fun Filled Weekend

Friday was the beer fest which several of us attended with gusto. I know I sampled a lot of beer and ran into lots of people I haven’t seen since last year (and even for several years). Most of the beer was good but after several super hoppy beers, my taste buds gave up and they all tasted the same. I don’t recall anything epic other than the Lefthand Milk Stout but it was to hot outside for stout.

Saturday was rainy and I had a hangover not from too much beer but from too many beers. It lasted the whole day. I probably could have done some trail work and cured the headache but the weather radar looked stormy so I stayed home. I did manage to get a fork put on my bike and for dinner we went to the new Mellow Mushroom. Good pizza and 70 beers on tap. No beer for me though. Nothing but football on the TVs. Yuck.

Sunday I hit the woods with the Schnauzer and built a skinny from a fallen pine tree. I’ve been eyeballing it for a year and today was the day. The tree has settled a little so it’s not quite as high off the ground as it was but it’s still about two feet high. The tree was still pretty solid so chopping took some effort and I only managed to get maybe 20′ and I only flattened the top third instead of the half I was wanting. It’s got maybe 8-10″ of tread on it. My hands are ruined. They held up for an hour but I chopped until the blisters bled and then chopped some more.  The skinny looks good and it’s probably ridable but I didn’t bring a bike to try it out. Maybe next weekend.  We hiked a little of the trail but the Schnauzer was getting overheated so we drove down to the creek so he could cool off.  Lots of iron rock around there that would make a nice rock garden or a drop.

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