Saturday I bailed on Blackwater to work on the Bayou trail at UWF.  On the way out to the trail I found a pine tree across one of the trails so I spent about a half hour chopping it out.  That pretty much ruined me for the rest of the day but I persevered. I built several water bars and shoveled lots of sand and I still didn’t finish. I drank all 100 oz of my water by the time I got back to the car and I was used up. There are still some areas that need attention plus a reroute that needs looking over (I looked it over Saturday but I was not able to get enthused about it).

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Beautiful weather today, unseasonably cool which made for a nice ride. I pretty much finished the Bayou Loop at UWF as far as being a rideable loop thanks to Grumpy and his chainsaw.  This morning we loaded up the dogs and the bike and headed up to the creek with Janet and her dog. They stayed in the water and I did some exploring and then a loop on the trail. The exploring went OK but looking at the aerial there was more to explore that I missed. The trail is getting overgrown in places but I only went off trail once so it’s not to hard to follow. It needs to be ridden. I talked to David at Forestry and he’s received the .shp file I sent him of the trail. He’s also receptive of the new trail I want to do that parallels the road from the parking area to the trail head. I told him I probably wouldn’t do anything for a while and he was fine with that. He also wants me to join a steering committee for the OHV park near Whiting Field. I signed up but I’m not sure what it entails. Saw a huge owl.

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I haven’t been up to the trail in several weeks due to family in town or other stuff. Plus it’s been hot and rainy. I almost headed that way yesterday but it looked like a big storm was moving up out of the Gulf of Mexico. I bailed and headed to the University instead and finished trimming the Bayou Loop.  We used to ride that loop regularly but erosion, sand and downed trees made it not so much fun. Now that we have a kiosk near that trail, we thought it would be a good idea to have a blazed trail that could be hiked or biked that didn’t venture very far from the boardwalk. I have all the blazes and I had intentions of blazing but the trail was so overgrown I figured I would do some work on it first. It took about 5-6 hours of trimming but I got it opened up and created a couple of easy reroutes around some troublesome areas. There’s still a lot to do but I feel comfortable blazing it now. Next will be sand removal and water bar construction and maybe another reroute.

We got a new digital camera, one that’s waterproof and shockproof. IMG_0232

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