I loaded up the Camelbak with water, GPS, hand tools and pin flags and headed out to do a loop and some TM. It took about 2 hours to do the loop but I got some areas cleared up and marked better. The stuff I marked last time was much easier to follow and actually fun to ride. The signs were still there.  I also think that numbered markers every 0.1 miles would be nice. I GPS’d the trail so I can get the route to the Forestry crowd.

7-25-09It was still early when I got done so I did some exploring, going north all the way to Munson Hwy near Pittman Branch. It was a pretty good dirt road ride.  Next time I’m thinking of going east up to the cemetary.

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I braved the heat and installed some (temporary) trail signs just to supplement the map. They will most likely have to be redone but for now they should help out (if they don’t get vandalized). I also worked on a couple of places on the trail that were needing some attention. I finally broke out the Action Hoe! and it work ok but not worth buying another if it breaks. I ran the biggest section I cleaned up and it was easy to follow but running is not my thing. I think another couple of packages of pin flags will be necessary. The ground cover is coming back strong after the fire but the foliage is also growing ‘on’ the trail so some manual labor is necessary. When winter arrives all the ground cover will die back making the trail hard to follow so I might as well pin flag now. I might put some maps at the trailhead and at Truly Spokin’. The new IMBA magazine has a great article on map making. I have almost everything they recommend except for a vicinity map and coordinates. Easy enough to fix.

5 hours.

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4 on the Fourth

We tried doing 4 laps on the Fourth of July but we fell short but we did get in 4 hours. Ed, David and I hit it at around 7:30 and finished at 11:30 and we kept a pretty good pace. Four laps would have been doable but time was running short.  Still way to easy to get off track in some places.  Saw two turkeys. Ate at the Blackwater Bistro but it wasn’t as good as it usually is and the taps were broken.

219_1992Thursday I skipped out of work to go kayaking on Juniper creek. We put in on Munson Highwy and finished at Indian Ford Road. 11.5 miles according to the gps. Some cool sites and interesting portages. It took 5 hours. Saw an owl.

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