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New Unofficial Map

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I got 300 pin flags and some 4×4 posts plus some scrap pressure treated plywood to make some signs and help with trail marking. Despite one or two spelling errors, the signs look pretty good. They are just temporary until the Forestry Department can make some. The problem come the weekend was it was way too hot to be doing labor so Barbara and I opted to haul the dogs up to the creek and lounge around. On the way up we saw the Saturday morning road riders when it was about 91 degrees. When we left at about 1:00 it was 99 degrees. We hiked north on the creek for a while then had lunch. When we headed back, we dropped our stuff of at the car then continued downstream for a while. Not far past the bridge there is a section of the creek that has a rocky bottom and a little past that there is another section of rocks and some old steel bridge pilings. Lots of litter up there this time of year. I’m keeping a bag in my car so I can clean up a little.

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Black Snake Moan

David and I hit the trail today and it was hot. We did a lap and pretty much finished our water so we did half a lap before heading back to the car. We saw two black snakes mating on the Serpentinas Trail. As we were finishing the first loop we ran into Andy (?) and his two kids riding the trail. They had gotten turned around at some point so they were heading back out when we saw them. The little girl was having a meltdown but luckily they were almost to the end. I need to buy about 1000 pin flags and fix all those hard to follow places. I also bought 3 water bottle cages so I can add an extra to each bike. It’s hot.

After we headed back to the car we loaded up on water and rode the gravel road going north from the creek. Lots of erosion and sand but still ridable. The concrete bridge and the road leading up to it were washed away. It was a quick loop but a nice change from single track. There is some cool terrain up there.

Got back, jumped in the creek and then headed off to meet Woody. He’s a busy guy due to the State not filling needed positions. We chatted about a kiosk and signage for about 15 minutes and then he was gone.

People camping at the bridge with a generator running. I think they had a window unit in their tent.

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Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole

Secret_Squirrel10Dale and I did a lap plus a little extra until he bonked pretty bad  so we took the Secret Squirrel shortcut out. The fixin’ I did last weekend was a noticable improvement. I might meet Ranger Woody next weekend to discuss the trail.

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