Blistered Hands

I cleaned about 2 miles of trail, chopping out logs and stumps and straightening some ugly curves. I also built a dirt ramp over a well placed log to add to the fun factor. I skipped the whole ‘golden spike’ area due to numerous blisters but I managed to get a lot done. It’s starting to get hot outside and the bugs are not playing around. 4.5 hours of toil.

There’s talk of doing a ‘4 on the 4th’ on July 4th weekend. Four laps or four hours might be a little much for me but I’ll post it on the PORC message board to see if there is any interest.

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No Work Just Ride

Steve, James and I managed to get in a couple of laps on Sunday without getting rained out. We got rained on but not out. The trail is a little easier to follow and we kept a fairly easy pace. Someone on MTBR suggested survey whiskers as trail delineators. They are maybe 6″-8″ long colored fiber strands that look like a small thin whisk broom. They secure in the ground with 60D nails and the strands stick up. They are flexible and durable so they might be what I need to help mark those hard to follow places. The wire grass may bury them though so I’ll wait a while and continue riding.

On Monday, Barbara and I rode from Chickenbone Beach out to Ft. Pickens on the new road. There is an official bike lane which is awfully nice considering a bike has to pay $3 to get out there.¬† It was an easy 10 mile ride except for the part where Barbara didn’t see the black rubber wheel stop in the parking lot. She managed to not quite go over the bars but still manage to crash and get some nice bruises and a scraped hand. Ranger Mike provided a first aid kit to help with the scrapes. I tried to make her wear a helmet but she insisted on wearing a large floppy hat instead. After I stopped laughing and pointing at her I pushed her aside so I could make sure the bike was ok. She managed to dislodge the front wheel and bend the front and rear wheel¬† so I need to take them in to get them straightened. We took the off road bike path back and saw several ospreys. The campground was almost empty so I bet it’s wonderful camping right now. The rest of the ride was uneventful and we managed to beat the rain.



The Wild Yaks

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New Map

Asa helped me out today while I finished blazing. We hooked the trailer up to his bike so he could go cut out some fallen trees and I didn’t see him again for 3 hours. The weather was iffy, but even though it was thundering in the distance when I arrived this morning, the rain and lightning held off until we were done. I also finished the map but I think it doesn’t look all that great plus my trail naming skillz are pretty weak. I still have to get the trail, the map and names approved by The Man but it should work for now.

Unofficial Map

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Two Laps-No Work

David and I did two laps and I wussed out on trail work. The bowl of cereal for breakfast didn’t last very long. We moved some fallen limbs and flagged some stuff that needs cutting but that was it. The trail held up well after the 10″ of rain the area got. Bear lake supposedly washed out the spillway. We saw a 3′ rattlesnake. Nothing more to report.

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First Loop

Posting this one late due to laziness and maybe a cold.

Friday we moved to our new office which meant getting all the crap out of our old office. Three years worth of dust plus three Coors Lights (yuck) did nothing for my head so I started off Saturday’s inaugural ride/trail maintenance with a sore throat and stuffy sinuses.

It was a banner day despite that and leaving Redline29 behind. Though it was disorganized, we managed to get Pops, Marty, Brian, Steve, Eric, Mike, Glen, Redline29 (I don’t know his real name) and myself on some part of the trail at least once if not twice. As expected, most of it was good and some of it not so much. Some of it was pretty hard to ride, in a good way. Some of it was fast and almost thrilling. Overall I’m pleased but it still needs some tweaking which I’ll be tackling over the summer. After doing some riding we headed down to the creek where Barbara had started grilling the hotdogs. We lounged for a couple of hours chewing the fat and enjoying the atmosphere, then headed home. I think we rode maybe 18 miles and I was wrung out. Sunday I was so tired and stuffy I just sat around complaining and I’m still tired and complaining today, just not stuffy. A new map will be posted as soon as I figure out some catchy trail names.

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