Perfect Day

After last weekends bummer weather, today more than made up for it. I had expert help from David and Barbara so we finished about 1200 feet of trail. The terrain is awesome with a good side slope so the trail has become pretty fun. Lots of short ups and downs and tight turns. Some of it may be too tight but nothing an ax can’t fix. I was having trouble pulling the trailer with the single speed so it promises to be more challenging than the other stuff we’ve built. It was an awesome 6 hours.

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Pretty uneventful day though it was a perfect day to be working on the trail. I raked the section we cut last weekend then pin flagged the next section. I got it rough cut before calling it a day. It’s gotten thicker and the corridors are close together so not too much meandering. I bought a new handle for the old rake. Carrying a rake on the BOB trailer is cumbersome so I left it out there but I hid it off the trail. Time is growing short before the weather gets too hot and I’ve still got a ways to cut. I’d like to put in an 8 hour day next weekend. Only 3 hours today.

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