No trail work this holiday weekend but I did go ride the trail. On Friday I got in three laps plus a trip on the new stuff. The weather was perfect and the trail was in good shape. The new section rode really well for the most part although it’s still really soft and not well enough defined in some places. The old trail is holding up well with no erosion happening. The trail is still rougher than I want so I plan on breaking out the Action Hoe! to knock off some of the rough edges. I also got Barbara’s bike put together and I had hoped to go riding on the trail with her today but the weather this morning was cold and wet so we rode around town this afternoon. She didn’t complain too much so maybe I’ll take her out again soon.

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Back at it.

Finally back after two weekends off. I got to ride in Asheville at Bent Creek. The leaves were in full color and the weather was cool and dry. I got in 20 miles with some pushing uphill. The downhills were awesome.

I cleared a couple of hundred feet on Saturday. It was windy and I was kinda worried about falling limbs and trees. Sure enough on my way back to the truck, there was a huge dead pine laying across the trail that wasn’t there when I went in. I got to the end of my flagging so I need to get back out there and flag the next section. I think this section will be a pretty long, straightish uphill/downhill. I hope there are enough obstacles in the way to help make it interesting. I saw no snakes today only because I was wearing my snake gaitors. I did however get stung by a bee. I also rode the whole new section and it was quite nice. Once I get a little further I’ll put it on the map so we can start riding it. 5 Hours.

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