Much Progress.

I’ve got about 4500 feet cut as of today.  Yesterday I rerouted what I had laid out last weekend. It seemed way to straight so I put  big loop in it.  I also cleared out around the area for the new skinny. I knocked out a couple of hundred feet. I bough a new hand saw that is razor sharp. It makes light work of stuff to big to lop or to high to chop. I also bought a new leaf rake for $5. It works great also. I ran out of trail to cut due to a flag shortage so I went home after 4 hours. I saw four deer.

Today I got in another 3 hours. I stopped by the store and bought more flags so I could get a lot done today. I flagged to 2142, I think, because the gps wasn’t matching with the flagging. It probably has something to do with all the rerouting I’ve had to do. I followed the gps as best I could but I’ll probably have to go back and reflag some areas. I didn’t get 100 feet with the flags before I ran into a 3′ rattlesnake. He was about two steps in front of me just relaxing in the sun. He was a good looking snake with lots of well defined markings and about a dozen rattles on his tail. I watched him for a minute to see if he would move on. He didn’t so I skirted the trail around him. Needless to say every step I took after that was looked over pretty well. I flagged to until I ran out of flags which took me across an old gully so I will probably have to work around that somehow.

I saw tire tracks on the new trail so maybe it will get some use. I won’t be back out for 2 weeks.

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We did the Fenner/Wantz ride yesterday. The last time I rode that far was the last Fenner/Wantz ride about a year and a half ago. Joe, Ed and I did 76 miles. It was a beautiful ride, nice and cool with only a slight headwind going out. I started cramping a little after we committed to the 62 mile loop so I started sucking down the fluids and I felt a lot better but my legs never got rid of the sore feeling. I never felt tired though. If my legs weren’t achy and my neck wasn’t crippled by sleeping on it wrong, I think I could have pulled out the century ride. I need to start doing those long saddle efforts so I can be ready for the 50 mile San Felasco ride in January. Needless to say I was pretty sore and tired this morning but I made it up to Blackwater and I chopped a little and flagged a bunch. I may re flag some of it because it looks to easy. Lots of hunters out yesterday and today. I saw 2 deer. 3 hours total.

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Fighting a Cold

Ick. I caught it Thursday and it’s still hanging on. I made it to the Blackwater Bicycle Festival yesterday and thankfully I didn’t have to do much, just lounge. I didn’t sell any shirts and I only gave away 2 maps but I won a door prize, a small bag of home made dog treats. Last weekend at the PORC trail maintenance I won a pig horn for my bike, a free tune up and some Truly Spokin’ socks. I should be playing the lottery. The festival was good just to make a showing but it wasn’t a mountain bike crowd. Anyway, today I felt better and I made it up to the trail but I only managed 3 hours and about 400 feet. The deer stand was gone and someone had been out there on 4 wheelers (not on the trail but an old logging road). I found a dead pine tree that will make a killer skinny that I may get to next weekend. it’s freshly fallen, it still has pine needles on it. It slopes up from the ground at about 5-10 degrees and the trail will go right by it. Next weekend is the Fenner/Wantz ride so I need to be over the illness before then.

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PORC Trail Maintenance.

We got quite a bit done today, just not in Blackwater. This weekend is the PORC fall trail maintenance so we spent today clearing out old trails and fixing some existing ones. Tomorrow is more of the same. Next Saturday is the Blackwater Bicycle Festival in Milton so I will be there most of the day. Maybe Sunday I can spend cutting trails in Blackwater.

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