Starting a Little Early

It’s not officially September yet but I started working on the trail again. Tropical Storm Fay was a letdown and after spending all day inside on Saturday, I loaded up the bike and headed to Blackwater. In an attempt to air up my tires, I ended up pulling the valve stem out of the rim causing an instant flat tire. I had a tube but I didn’t want to become a slimy mess trying to put it into a tubeless tire. So I put the bike away and grabbed the loppers and headed out.

I’ve been dying to do some trail work even though it’s still to hot to be doing it. I spent the summer brewing some beer and making Adirondack chairs. I had two ok batches of beer and one that went bad. Bad sanitizing on my part I’m sure. The chairs turned out nice. I used a bunch of scrap wood I had removed from the laundry room walls. I was nice pine that makes a good looking chair. My first chair was built out of mahogany but it didn’t work out very well as I didn’t have a set of plans to work with. They are all pretty comfortable and the garage is a little emptier.

I also helped out on a cleanup day on Deadman’s Island near Gulf Breeze. I got volunteered to plant grasses on the island but ended up wading through the muck pulling old dock material out of the water. I managed to salvage a piece of a dock to be used for bridge material for the trail.

I did a couple of road trips to Mobile and Montgomery. Chickasawbogue is about like UWF, just maybe not as sandy. It’s full of spiders this time of year and I had a face full both times we rode there. USA is a great trail that we hit both times after Chickaswabogue. They’ve done a great job of keeping that trail going even after all the construction. And it’s well marked so you can haul ass without worring about getting lost. I kept meaning to take the GPS but I forgot it both times. I made it to Swayback once but it was brutally hot. I would like to incorporate more USA type stuff at Blackwater, it was that fun.

So for today I helped smooth out some of the turns on the newest section paralleling Red Rock Road, trimmed back some brush on Phase 1 and trimmed and smoothed a portion of Phase 2. The trail seems to be getting some use. I’ve ridden it several times this summer myself but it doesn’t feel like it’s getting any smoother. It’s a nice loop though but it needs to be about twice as long. I’m still planning on starting work again in September and I would like to have a good bit done before the IMBA Trail Care Crew gets here in December.

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