Off Until September

I’m through working on the trail until it cools off some and the summer showers are through. I rode 4 laps on Saturday and it was awesome. I’m pretty tired of riding UWF and I’ve been commuting 5 days a week so a trip to the woods was needed. The new trail was still kinda green but it’s challenging with the log crossings. I did 2 laps ccw and 2 cw. I had the crap scared out of me by a turkey (i was hoping it was the fabled Jaguarundi that I have heard lives in the forest-no kidding) that jumped out of the tall grass and flew away. I saw a good sized hawk and a black snake and about 100 spiders. I got rained on for about 10 minutes but it was quite pleasant. The rain last weekend didn’t wash away my blazes so I was happy about that. The rest of the summer will be spent brewing beer and doing chores.

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Water Based Paint.

I took the gallon of yellow tree paint and added several blazes on the trees we missed last time. The only problem is the paint is water based and we’ve been having afternoon rains pretty regularly. About the time I got done blazing I heard rumbles of thunder in the distance. I managed to get a ride in on the new section but that was about it. It rode pretty nice and I think it will be a nice addition. I checked the radar when I got home and it rained shortly after I left so the blazing may just be faint yellow streaks on the trees. Oh well.  I need to get a gallon of the oil based stuff for when I do this again next year. The trail looks like it’s been getting some use and Victor says that several people have ridden it and made comments about it, both good and bad. I need to go up and just do some laps. Maybe next weekend.

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Barbara and I went up Saturday to try to finish painting blazes and rake the new trail. It was already roasting at 10:00. Woody was supposed to drop off a can of yellow paint after 11:30 so we proceeded to rake and work on the log obstacles until he arrived. By noon he hadn’t arrived so we headed to the creek to cool off. There were some locals (we knew they were locals by the rebel flag beach blanket) there with the same idea so we said ‘howdy’ and hopped in the water. We weren’t there ten minutes when Barbara sees a snake swimming along the bottom of the creek. She points it out and the locals get all squirrelly. To us it looked like a water snake but to them it was a moccasin. They became obsessed at that point. We had cooled off enough so we headed back to the car and as we were pulling out, Woody showed up. We chatted with him and collected the paint and the whole time the locals were scurrying around like ants trying to find something with which to catch the snake. It was amazing. I hope it didn’t ruin their day because it was too hot to sit in the sand staring at the creek.

Anyway, I created a new map but it’s not the finished product. It also hasn’t been blessed by the forestry people. The trail names will probably change but for now they will do. The file is pretty big so it may take some time for it to download.


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