This is February?

It’s been unseasonably warm for February, probably mid sixties today. I hope summer is tolerable. Chris and David helped out again today and we got 1200 feet of trail rideable. They have been a big help the last two weekends. We started at 2038 and recleared the 300 feet I did last Sunday plus rough cut, widened and raked all the way to point 2050. This looks like a fun section to ride as it’s mostly an open area with some tight pieces through thickets. I haven’t scoped out the next 1400 feet but I hope it goes as fast as the last several sections. We got in 4.5 hours each for a total of 13.5 hours. I made them listen to Amy Winehouse on the way home. It may have scared them off. Tomorrow is going to be taken up with yard work, a bike ride and rain. Also, two huge cargo planes flew over, either a c5a or a c17, I can’t be sure. They lumbered over barely moving. Pretty impressive.

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Saturday, David D. and Chris P. volunteered to help out. That meant the schnauzer got to stay home. David and Chris rode phase 1 while I hauled all the tools and two lunch boxes to the beginning of phase 2. Phase 2 is mostly up hill and with the trailer fully loaded, it was quite a haul. I set them up with lopping and cutting while I pin flagged as much as I could. We managed to knock out a whopping 1000 feet of rideable trail by day’s end. The only thing lacking was a good raking to finish it off. If I had more pin flags we probably could have rough cut another 1000 feet but I was using what I had. Lovely sandwiches were provided by Barbara and the weather was very spring-like.

Sunday was a day of a small hangover from the party we attended Saturday evening. At least I hope it was a hangover and not the beginnings of the flu that’s going around. I loaded up the schnauzer and we hit Home Depot for some more pin flags. We finished yesterday at point 2038 so I went back and raked up to that point and that’s where I started pin flagging. I got to 2051 and then went back and started lopping. There is a section around point 2041 that is full of small trees about 1″ in diameter. Trying to figure out a fun and easy way to get through that was beyond me today so I quit lopping and came back through with the ax and chopped out stumps. I was tired but my head had quit hurting. The schnauzer hurt his paw at some point so we called it a day and headed to the creek. All in all it was a block buster weekend with 15 hours on Saturday and 3 hours today for a killer 18 hours. If I could get two people out the next two weekends, we could finish up the short loop.

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Another Half Mile of Rideable Trail

The Schnauzer and I made it up today. Yesterday I had things to do in the afternoon so I stayed in town and rode at the University. I haven’t ridden there in several months but it was just like always. The new trail maintenance efforts are starting to show. I hope it’s a long term effort because the trails need lots of work in places. I’ve been focusing all my trail work to Blackwater so I hope they are fine without me. Today I pretty much finished the trail to 2028 so that’s 2800 feet of trail that’s rideable. There are several holes to fill and a couple of big stumps to figure out. I also have two obstacles to work over. One is a fallen tree I want to ramp over. It’s about 18 inches off the ground and it’s still alive. I want to put a small table top over it. The other obstacle is the small erosion area that the trail crosses. I think a skinny across it would be cool with a small reroute for those that can’t ride it. So far it’s pretty rideable though. The Schnauzer checks it out by running it after I get a section finished. We also rode Phase 1 which is pretty nice. So that’s another 4 hours. Maybe next weekend I can get in two days.

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