I went up Sunday after doing the hash ride Saturday. The hash ride was fun but I drank too much so today I was moving kinda slow. I managed to get in 4 hours and got quite a bit widened and ridable. A little bit of smoothing is going to be necessary at some point because there are old truck tracks and clumps of grass that make the going not so good. I think it’s deer season because I heard hunting dogs all day and at one point they were pretty close, maybe a couple a hundred feet. Anyhow, I think we’ve reached the 100 hour mark.

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Phase 1 is Rough Cut

Thanks to Ed S. and David D. we finally got through to the other end of phase 1. David was put to work grooming and Ed and I did lopping and stump removal. At about 11:30 we cleared to the old railroad bed. After a quick lunch at the old trestle, we went back at it widening and grooming. But about 1:30 we were pretty tired but managed to ride the groomed section several times. There is only one little reroute I’m going to do to help the flow but overall it was really nice. I was worried about bad luck because the bike trailer got a flat tire early on and then I had mounted the tools on the trailer backwards so the lawn ax kept catching on the ground and flinging me over the bars. Sunday was a wash because I had to fast all day for a doctor’s appointment on Monday. The good news is I got a used 4Runner so Barbara can have my Passat. Now I feel much more manly.

5 hours apiece so 15 total for the weekend.

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Oh, So Close

Last weekend I bailed on working on the trail to support some of the new club members in their efforts to repair the UWF trail after the torrential rains we’ve had. I spent about 6 hours rebuilding water bars and I was toasted afterwards but we managed to get the trails back to a reasonable semblance of normality. This weekend I thought was going to be used up with other activities as the art festival was happening and my mother was in town. I managed to get permission to go out Saturday and since no one responded to my post on the forum, the schnauzer and I headed to the forest. To my surprise, David D. pulled in behind me (all this time I thought his name was Ryan but he swears it’s always been David). We loaded up the bikes and rode the trail out to where Nate and I stopped last weekend. We started at 1123, David on the ax and me on the loppers. I had to be back home by 1:30 so we quit working at about noon but managed to get 500 feet done. David looked like he was prepared to stay all day so maybe next weekend I can hold him to it. At 1128, we only had 1000 more feet to go but only about 700 feet was really thick. After a rough 3 hours at the art show and 2 margaritas, I was done for the day. 6 hours for the day

Sunday was the time change so we got an extra hour of much needed sleep. At 8:30 Barbara, the 3 dogs and I picked up my mother and hauled her up to the trail to put her to work. I continued flagging to the end while my mother lopped and Barbara chopped out stumps. We started with Barbara on the loppers but she wanted to debate every tree we were cutting so I shifted her to the ax. At about 10:30, Justin arrived with his dog June and the dog fight ensued. Luckily, no one was hurt as it was all just a big dog game. Justin and I cleared out trail while the women rested but to be honest, their section was a lot cleaner than ours. We made it to 1133 I think before we gave out due to blood loss from the thicket. My mother fixed us chicken salad sandwiches which we ate at the creek. Then they took the dogs up stream while I collapsed on the bank. The Furmans showed up to escape their moldy house nightmare. So all told, we knocked out about 1000 feet this weekend and I’m sure that next weekend we can finish it up. Then it will be just a matter of grooming and riding to get it finished. 17.5 hours for the day and 23.5 for the weekend.

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