Worn Out

Natepac volunteered to help this morning. We started at 1119 and cleared to 1123 and we flagged to 1125. It was slow and thick at first but it cleared out pretty quick. We both had our bikes and rode the whole trail in and out. It’s pretty slow riding but I see the potential for a fast swoopy trail. After the road ride yesterday and the demo day, I was pretty worn out so not doing as much today was fine with me.  We started at 9:00 and worked until 12:30 for a total of 7 hours. No wildlife and no hunters were seen.

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New Link

WDVX is out of Knoxville and plays Americana music. Some of it’s pretty hokey but mostly it’s pretty cool stuff. Right now it’s a fund drive going on which is annoying but the music is worth the gabbing.

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Slow Going

Last weekend we were working a music festival so I didn’t make it up to the forest. I spent this Saturday at the Blackwater Bike Festival manning the PORC booth, riding some funky bikes and secretly drinking beer. We sold one shirt (to Justin) and one sticker (to Kat) although Dale won a bike helmet. It was a fun day but I was kinda hung over this morning.

Sunday I worked on the trail from 9:00 until 1:30 and Justin and Leslie helped out from about 11:00 until 1:30. I started at 1115 and cleared about 100 feet before they arrived. Together we cleared to almost 1119 and I flagged to 1123. It was noticeably thicker so the progress is much slower. We’re at 4100 feet or about 0.77 miles. There was a camo colored truck parked at the gate when I arrived so I wore my orange hat. When Justin and Leslie arrived, the FWC was there checking out the truck. I think bow season started this weekend but I didn’t see anyone else out there. Total hours: 9.5

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