We Are Good to Go. Finally.

We now have permission to build the trail at Juniper Creek. There is still one issue that hasn’t been completely resolved, but the man has told me to go ahead with trail work. We’re not going to start cutting yet as it’s way to hot but I will be making some trips up there to check on some things. I think September will be what I shoot for. As it now stands we have 7.5 miles of single track and maybe 0.5 miles of double track. The first phase will be about 1.35 miles of easy trail for beginners. The first step will be pin flagging the exact route through the corridor I’ve mapped. Once that’s approved, then we begin cutting. I’m also looking for someone to be a co-leader in the building of the trail. I think we need someone to have full knowledge of how the trail is laid out and will be able to be backup when I’m not there. That way we can have two groups working without me having to run back and forth. The trail as of August 5th.

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