Perdido River Trails

We had another meeting with the NWFWMD last night. Super short notice but we made it. The more meetings we attend, the more I think we (bikers, hikers & equestrians) are an afterthought. A lot of effort has been made to accommodate the canoeing, boating, camping and hunting people. The equestrian lady pointed out that on all our meeting minutes there is a big “maybe” on our activities whereas the other group has had definite rules written down. And the more I look at the maps, the more limited our area for trail building is. We got topo maps last night. Trying to put a trail on such small upland islands will be tricky. To be fair, I haven’t actually calculated the available area. Two to three hundred acres would be necessary to build a decent trail and it doesn’t look like we can do that. We’ve also been limited (for now) the the parcel immediately north of Hwy 90. It has some excellent elevation change but it seems like a small area to be sharing with hikers and equestrians. The next parcel north has some good hills but it’s adjacent to the dump. The other parcels seem pretty good but we have to do the first parcel first. We will be visiting the area as a group in early March but I may go scope it out before then. I’m still pursuing the opportunity but I’m not getting excited about it.

 Also, we have a meeting for the general public on either March 6th or the 13th. I’ll post it on the PORC forum to hopefully get some bikers out there. The other groups will be well represented. We are a solitary group. Lone wolves.

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Nothing Happening This Weekend

We got a dumpster this weekend so we’ve been cleaning out the garage and back yard. I did get a map of the Bear Lake trail that I placed in Google Earth. It’s not very exciting but the surrounding area is a “no hunting”. I also drew a quick trail going north along Juniper Creek up to the bridge on Sandy Landing Road. From there it’s easy to get to Bear Lake by taking dirt roads and old logging trails. I haven’t heard anything from the biologists yet on phase 2 or anything from Tallahassee on phase 1. I think this is the last of deer season but small game is still open.

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